A cute story by photographer Zoey Grossman


I love this editorial.  The one with the stilettoes in the pool is one of my favourites.  There’s nothing like a pair of heels worn on it’s own, especially when teemed with an unexpected backdrop or scenario.

Some shots from one of my favourite Pirelli calendars, shot by Francis Giacobetti.  I love the simple concept and the vivid colours.

A selection of photographs by New York based Jonathan Leder.

But Dayan’s work can get much sexier still, as you can see from the editorial below, which couldn’t be much hotter.  I love the motel theme.

Bruno Dayan

Bruno Dayan produces some of the sexiest fashion photographs out there and they don’t come much dirtier and prettier than this, with candy colours that are soooo edible and irresistably sweet…

A short video by Jonathan Leder for Jacques magazine.  Enjoy!

Elize from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.